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Effective habit development and health tracking

Today is a quantified-self activity tracker focused primarily on habit development, allowing you to create a custom dashboard for each of your habits or activities, combining data from an expanding variety of cards, integrating various types of information.

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock & Sleep Tracker

Sleeping is one of the most important and most misunderstood bodily functions affecting so many aspects of our health. We designed and built Pillow for iOS to be the most complete and easy to use sleep application out there.

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Interval timer and stopwatch

Timing anything with Timeless is extremely fast, simple and fun. Run multiple timers in parallel, label each one of them and pick a theme for each one of them on the fly.

Proudly timing tasks for more that 90.000 users since it's initial release, Timeless has been featured among others on The New York Times, the NBC News and has been selected as app of the day by The Next Web and Gizmodo.

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