UI/UX Designer
Full-time position • Remote

The position

We’re looking for a Junior UI/UX designer to join our team and work with us remotely on our mobile apps.

Our team is small without any managerial overhead so we’ll be working closely together. Your voice will always be heard and you’ll have the chance to make significant contributions to our apps while having direct access to the product owners.

This is a full-time position and we’re looking for someone that will work with us on a long-term basis without any particular end date. We’re not looking for a freelancer that works with multiple clients or a design agency.


- Portfolio related to mobile design, especially iOS apps on multiple devices
- Portfolio demonstrating a solid understanding of interactive design formats and methodologies; include wireframes, annotations, flows and mid-fidelity interactions
- Professional-level knowledge of industry standard UI software (Figma, Sketch)
- Advanced skills in prototyping apps like Principle, Framer, FrameX
- Solid understanding of UX best practices as it applies in mobile design.
- Basic mobile testing skills (Testflight or similar testing software)
- Basic video editing skills
- Any illustration skills are a plus

Please attach your resume and cover letter when applying.

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