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Effective habit development & health tracking

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Select inspiring and motivational covers for each of your habits or activities

Use your own photos or pick from our ever expanding cover gallery.

Today Habit Development

Combine cards to build a unique dashboard for each habit or activity

  • Streak Calendar

    The streak calendar gives you a clear overview of your check-ins during each month. You can use it to check-in any previous day and quickly check your current and longest streaks.

    Streak calendar
  • Apple Health Charts

    Connect Today with Apple’s Health to view and track more than 30 different Health data sources such as Steps, Weight, Sleep, Active Calories and Caffeine. Each chart allows you to set a goal value and you can add or edit your values right inside the app.

    Streak calendar
  • Custom charts

    Track anything else with custom charts. Add as many as you want and customize their title, measuring unit and goal to suit your needs. Adding a new value is just a double tap away.

    Streak calendar
  • Milestones & Todo Lists

    In many cases, breaking down a habit into smaller easier more manageable steps helps you stay on track. An other way to use the Milestones is to track down important goals during the habit formation process and get you motivated. Want to use it both ways? No problem, you can add as many Milestones cards you need per habit.

    Streak calendar
  • Counters

    Track any aggregate metric, adding or subtracting values as you go. Simple as that.

    Streak calendar
  • Photo gallery

    Create photo galleries to visually mark and monitor your progress or add motivating photos from your camera roll. As an added bonus, you can set any image from your photo gallery as a cover for your habit.

    Streak calendar
  • Journal & notes

    Organize your habit by jotting down important notes, tips and thoughts about your progress. Journaling your progress has been proven to be a highly motivational practice that allows mindfulness and retrospection.

    Streak calendar
  • Welzen NEW

    In collaboration with Welzen’s meditation app you can now track your mindful minutes that you have recorded with Welzen and lauch the app right from Today. A great way to track and develop the habit of meditation and enjoy its scientifically proven benefits.

    Streak calendar
  • More coming soon

    This is just the begining. We are already working on more card types that integrate with third-party services and apps.

    Streak calendar

Effortless habit tracking for your Apple Watch.

Today on the Apple Watch gives a quick and clear overview of all your check-ins due for today and check-in with a simple gesture.

Today’s Apple Watch complication will keep you up to the task and let you know when every single goal is complete!

Activities overview
Activities overview

Get a clear overview of your daily activities

With the tap of a single button or directly via the 3D Touch menu you can view all the habits and activities due for today and check-in with a single swipe. This screen also allows you to quickly access any habit simply by tapping on its name.

  • Activities overview

    Secure automatic backups

    Your data is precious. Today automatically backs up all your data on your personal iCloud Drive or Dropbox folder for safekeeping and restore, if needed.

  • Activities overview


    Protect your all your habit data by using Today’s Touch ID lock. For all devices that don’t support Touch ID we have enabled a 4-digit passcode. Your privacy matters.

  • Activities overview

    Custom Reminders

    Life can get busy some times. It can be easy to forget to stay on track. Today will remind you with a quick notification at the time you set.

  • Activities overview

    iOS Spotlight Search

    Access the basic data for your habit straight through your iPhone’s search bar! Tapping on any result will directly take you to your habit within the app.

Upcoming features

Activities overview

More cards & feature enhancements on existing cards

Integration with external services and apps to automate and enhance your habits.

Activities overview

Smart habits

Setup habits that automatically track themselves and give you feedback of your progress.

Activities overview

More export options and data accessiblity

Access all your habit data and connect them to other services and apps.

Mindfull habit formation

Today’s method goes beyond the famous Jerry Seinfeld’s “don’t break the chain” approach. We encourage a more deep and mindful approach that helps you strengthen each step of the habit formation process through positive re-enforcement.

Photo covers and photo gallery cards allow you set visual triggers that train your brain to react and take action. The notes and journal card gives you the opportunity to write down and therefore think about the reasons you feel inclined to a good or undesired behaviour or note down helpful tips and advice.

The Milestones card helps you analyze your habit by breaking it down to actionable parts. Each of those individual actions can be a milestone towards your goal and you can add more as you go.

Our brains are not very good at keeping up with lots of numbers and figures, especially in stressful situations. Adding Counter, Custom Chart and Apple Health cards gives you a clear overview about your progress and deeper insight on what works and what doesn’t.

Last but now least, as you make progress, you will earn badges for your success, rewarding you for your progress.