Timeless just got it's 2.1 update up on the AppStore all ready for iOS 7. It's been a while since we shared our experiences for the first version and we were thrilled to receive so much feedback on medium. (Keep 'em coming!) We're still pretty new with all this, it's only our first app but we sure learned a lot. Here's some of the highlights:

Designing for iOS 7. From version 1.0, Timeless felt closer to iOS 7's simplicity and lack of skeumorphic/realistic elements. It made more sense for Timeless and we would have stayed on this path even if Apple hadn't decided to completely get rid of skeumorphism and excessive realism in iOS 6. We're just so glad they did. In that respect, we've improved the typography, we've replaced the old icons with ones that we designed just for the app and we've added a beautiful circular progress bar that should have been there from the beginning. The next big version of Timeless that we're working on is going to be iOS 7 only so as to fully take advantage of what iOS 7 has to offer.

Colorful features. The changes in design were also combined with a major code overhaul that resulted in increased performance by up to 60% and significantly reduced loading time, in order for Timeless to be up and running almost immediately after tapping the icon. And speaking of the devil, our icon is brand new, more clear and adapted to the iOS 7 grid! Design apart, there were certain features much requested from our users that we thought necessary to implement in this version. For starters, there is now the option to set seconds in your countdown timers allowing you to set more precise time intervals. One of the biggest changes in this version is our brand new theme picker. In Timeless v.1.0 there was an option in the 'Settings' menu to change the color theme of all your timers. This was one of our favorites but it took too many steps to change the theme and we wanted to expand this feature by letting the user assign a different color on each timer and discover even more available themes that we are planning to release. The new theme picker is just a swipe away. Swipe up from the bottom to reveal the available themes and pick anyone you want any time by swiping left or right. Color coding geeks rejoice! What's more, 3 shiny new theme packs are already available in this version as in-app purchases and we've got so many more to come. We've added also 3 new notification sound packs as well each containing 5 notification sounds also available as IAPs.  


Free at last. Last, but not least, you may also have noticed that Timeless is now available in two forms, both as a free and paid app. The free option is more lightweight including 2 themes and 2 notification sounds and supports up to two simultaneous timers. Of course, the option to unlock the 8 remaining timers and the rest of the theme and sound packs is available through the app at a low cost. The paid version is essentially a value pack including the full 10 concurrent timers, 9 themes and 7 notification sounds and, priced at $0.99. We decided to go for this flexible model for users who want to get acquainted with Timeless at no cost and then progressively unlock the features they need. This way we can also offer the complete pack at a fair value for people that want the full power of Timeless right from the beginning. Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and comments. We've got so many things planned for the future of Timeless that we can't wait to share with you in forthcoming months. For now here's a little video that we made about Timeless: