Pillow: Sleep tracking and analysis alarm clock

Track your sleep from your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad.
Unique healthkit integration and heart rate analysis.
Still the best sleep tracking application to track and improve your sleep.
Apple Health

Understand how you sleep

Pillow monitors your movements and sounds while you sleep. Using advanced algorithms, Pillow can keep a detailed history of how well you’ve slept and when is the optimal time to wake you up.

Using heart rate data from your Apple Watch or wearable, Pillow gives you detailed information about your heart rate during sleep.

Movements and sounds during the night
Alarm monitoring

When you wake up, you get a full overview of how you’ve slept along with mood tracking, sleep notes, audio recordings and heart rate analysis. You can access previous days by swiping horizontally.

Movements and sounds during the night

Landscape mode gives you immediate access to incredibly detailed statistics all the way back to your first sleep session.

Connect Pillow with Apple's Health app to compare your Sleep quality with various health metrics like your weight, caffeine, blood pressure and more.

Sleep detailed statistics and sleep quality M7 Support

All your data is securely backed up and synchronized across all your devices with iCloud.

Sleep modes: Sleep Quality, Sound recordings, Alarm clock,

Use Pillow to monitor and analyze your Sleep cycles, perform audio recordings of important sounds during sleep or just as an alarm clock.
Select any combination of those functions with just a swipe.


Discover the benefits of napping.

More and more studies indicate that taking short naps during the day can improve your mental operations, performance, reaction times and alertness.

Pillow comes with three built-in nap modes along with full sleep statistics and analysis for each session.

Personalized experiments, recommendations & sleep tips. Constantly updated with helpful information that will help you make the right decisions to improve your sleep.

Snooze lab

Pillow on every device

You can now use Pillow on all your devices including the Apple Watch. You can now track your sleep using your Apple Watch either or your iPhone or a combination of the two. Pillow will safely synchronize all your sleep data seamlessly across your devices.

Pillow of iPad

The app is excellent

The New York Times

Apple App Store
Featured in “Best new apps” & “Sleep Better”
Health & fitness category

Apple Inc.

Tracking my sleep is easy: my children and cats take turns to wake me up throughout the night. But if you're looking for something more... quantified, then Pillow is well worth a look.

The Guardian

[...] gives you great options for setting alarms for naps.

Pillow is a great sleep tracker and it's helping me visualize my progress.

How to train your human, part II: Products that make habits last


With its beautiful interface and fun animations, Pillow is very easy to use.


[...] the app is designed to help you sleep better and wake up happier.


Using advanced algorithms, Pillow can keep a detailed history of how well you’ve slept and when is the optimal time to wake you up based on your natural sleep cycles.

App of the Week
Pillow promotes sleep accountability


Pillow also boasts some advanced features that set the app in its own league.

Pillow turns your phone into a bed sensor to track your sleeping patterns and delivers the info in easy-to-read charts.

“[...]a simple no-cost option for iPhone users.”

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