Timeless is our first app and it holds a special place in our hearts. So, we’re happy to announce that v3 has been released on the App Store. It brings a design overhaul, an adapted interface for the iPhone 6/6+, a today extension, support for new languages and a number of improvements in almost all aspects of the app.


Starting from the design perspective, a refresh was required in order to support the new iPhone screen sizes. Timeless looks gorgeous on the new iPhone models thanks to Autolayout. We made the typography more crisp using lighter weights everywhere, increasing the sizes of the typographic elements to improve legibility. We also replaced the custom icon font we used in previous versions with a set of icons that we redesigned using Pixelcut's Paintcode, so that each icon is rendered using Core Graphics to achieve a pixel perfect result. And we also did the same thing with every UI element in Timeless too.


One of our most favourite parts of Timeless that got a redesign was the notifications panel which now adapts to the colours of the current theme. Goodbye colourless old panel.


Brand new iOS 8 widget: Timeless in your Today view

Since iOS 8 was introduced, it gave us the opportunity to provide a widget (or a Today Extension in Apple’s language) for quick overview of the running timers. Our new version includes such a widget and in our experience it comes very handy in most situations. We would also like to provide controls on starting and stopping timers through the widget but unfortunately for technical reasons (having to do with notifications handling not being available through extensions) this proved not to be currently possible. We are investigating for workarounds and we’ll come back if we find something.



Timeless is now available in four more languages, namely French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. We plan to add more languages in the future trying to make the app as accessible as possible to people regardless of their knowledge of English.

We owe a big thank you to Rob and Sarah at App Lingua. If your are looking for a good company to localise you app, visit their website.


Even more timers, sounds and a great give away

Apart from that there are a few new smaller features that we think you’ll love. The number of supported timers and stopwatches has been increased from 10 to 100, we’ve added five new sounds and also the ability to fully disable the device autolock when using the app.

Furthermore, we’ve consolidated the various theme and sound in-app purchases to one that unlocks the full app, making things a bit simpler for everyone. People that have already purchased any of the in-app items will get the full unlock in this new version without having to purchase anything further. Isn't that great? It's a big thank you to all of our users who have supported us all those years. We have a lot more in store for Timeless.

And last but not least, to celebrate this release, we also decided to offer all the Premium features of Timeless 50% OFF for a limited time! We invite you to try Timeless and we’ll be more than happy to listen to your comments and opinions.