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Timeless v.4.0

The Interval Timer and Stopwatch for workouts with Apple Watch Support

Multiple interval timers and stopwatch instances simultaneously.

Timeless uniquely intuitive interface allows you add up to 100 timers or stopwatches without missing a beat. Just swipe left to add a new timer.

That’s great way to create intervals for your fitness program, tabata, cooking, pomodoro session or just about anything else.

The best timer for your iPhone

Timeless comes packed with powerful features and customizations:

  • Stopwatch
    Set the time to 00:00 and double tap anywhere
  • Timer with seconds
    Set the time and double tap.
  • Favorite timers
    Set any timer as favorite to prevent accidental edits
  • Lock mode
    Tap on the lock icon while the timer is running to safely disable all interactions.
  • Labels
    Quickly add a label on each timer
  • Simple gestures
    Shake your device to reset the timer, double tap to start/pause, swipe up to select a theme.

Focus mode and multiple timers view

Rotate to the right to get a full overview of all your timers or rotate to the left to view a large version of each timer or stopwatch.

Unique themes & sounds

Assign a different color theme and notification sound for each one of your timers or stopwatches. Timeless comes a with more than 30 unique color themes and notification sounds.

iOS 8 Widget:
Quickly view your timers with just a swipe.

iOS 8 Widget: Quickly view your timers with just a swipe.

“One of the most elegant timers on Apple’s iOS platform is Timeless.”

The New York Times

“...perfect for tech-savvy gourmets”

NBC News

“It’s the latest in a line of apps that combine simplicity and aesthetics to deliver something really great”

 The NextWeb

“Timeless: The Timer You Need Made Better”


“...you'll have no problem keeping track of multiple, timed items to the second with Timeless”

The Unofficial Apple Weblog

And then there is of course the elegant design we fell for…”(translated)


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