Another version of Today hit the App Store. This one brings a few of the much awaited and requested features that sit on the top of our mind-bogglingly long list of things we have in store for the future.

Here's what's new in Today v.1.2:

Notification widget

First and foremost we’ve got a widget for the notification screen that supports both iOS 10 and iOS 9. The notification widget displays all the habits due for the day. Tap on the habit’s circle to check-in or tap on the habit’s title to open the habit directly in Today. Simple, right?

Private habits

What if you want a habit to be private or you don’t want it to appear in the notification widget for whatever reason?

You can now mark any habit as private. Private habits won’t show up in the widget and all your reminders for that habit will hide their data and just display a generic “It’s time for a check-in”. To set a habit as private, simply open the settings panel of that habit and turn the ‘Private habit’ switch on.

Rich notifications

Reminders in Today use notifications which got a big upgrade in iOS 10 with the introduction of Rich Notifications. All notifications in Today, except those that come from habits marked as private, are Rich, allowing you check-in right from the notification screen and review important information about each habit.

New Apple Health Cards

Last but not least, we've updated the selection of available Health cards in Today to include new Health metrics also introduced in iOS 10. We’ve added: Swimming Distance, Swimming Strokes, Wheelchair Distance, Wheelchair Pushes and Mindful minutes all of them free for everyone to add to any habit.

The future

Our main focus for the next version is primarily the Apple Watch app. We've made good progress on that front and we can't wait to share more. More cards and service integrations are on the way and we've got a big list of smaller but really important features.

Enjoy Today!